We manufacture and export a quality range of Ink Cartridges/ Ink Rollers that is widely used in printing industry. Ensuring appreciable quality output and elevated performance, these cartridges are processed with accuracy and tested on well defined parameters to guarantee their longer service life.

Part # : TR 90
Replacement for : IR 90/91/92
Label : CARMA 9848
Compatible For :Sharp Cash Registers:ER-2380,ER-2381, ER-2385, ER-2386, ER-2386S, ER-2390, ER-2391, ER-2395, ER-2396, ER-2396S, ER-A320, ER-A330 ; Samsung: ER-1710, ER-1805 , ER-1810, ER-2610, ER-2615, ER-2710, ER-2715, ER-3715 , ER-3740, ER-4100, ER-4715 ; Casio: ER-3404, ER-3408, ER-3508, ER-3530, ER-4404, ER-4420, CE-3100, CE-3115, CE-3200, CE-3215, TK-100, TK-700, TK-710, TK-1000

Part # :TR 93
Replacement for :IR 93
Label :CARMA 9871
Compatible For : Casio 2300, CE-2300, CE-2350, CE-2400, CE-2408, CE-7215 Epson CR-510, CR-700, CR-750, CR-760, IR-93 NCR MA-305, MA-315 Omron RS-2410 Royal 8150nt, 8150nx, 8160nt, 8160nx, CMS-8150 NX, CMS-8150nt, CMS-8160nt, CMS-8160nx, CMS-8250 Sharp A-250, ER-A250, ER-A310 Swintec SW-2140 TEC MA-305, MA-305 R, MA-315 Towa F1-200, GEO F1-200

Part # : TR 135
Replacement for :TEC 135
Label : CARMA 9818
Compatible For : Geller 1204 Geller NT-1204 TEC MA 115 TEC MA 115-104 TEC MA 120 TEC MA 128 TEC MA 130 TEC MA 132 TEC MA 133 TEC MA 134 TEC MA 135 TEC MA 136 TEC MA 205 TEC MA 206 TEC MA 215 TEC MA 216 TEC MA 2292